2018 Tiguan SE FWD - Middle of negotiations!

Very new to trying to negotiate a deal of my own at a good value… need some help. I have read how first and foremost you need to talk down the Selling price before you can begin to discuss leasing… this is what I have gotten so far in Atlanta, GA area:

2018 Tiguan SE FWD

MSRP: $28120
DISCOUNT: -$6595

DOC FEES: 698.00
TAX: 1978 (GA tax but am not sure if I pay their tax or NY tax since I’m in the NYC area)
Non tax fees - 21
Net Price: 24,292.45

At this point do I try to push them to discount more the selling price or do I now begin to inquire about leasing at that price? Do I shoot at the dealer immediately the current MF and Residual of .001 and 59%? That seems too good to be true for them to accept for a 36/12k lease because according to the calculator that would come out to $183/month and $2387 drive off fee.

A couple of points, hopefully to save you some heartache and frustration:

(1) Tax is based upon the state and locality where it will be registered. If the vehicle will be registered in NY, that is the tax you would apply.

(2) VW is known for having different trunk incentives for purchases than for leases. If you have not told them you’re leasing yet, its very likely that the sale price will go up considerably when you do.

And a question:
If the car is going to be registered in NY, why are you leasing in Georgia?

I stumbled upon it because I was looking for cars that were at least 20+% off MSRP… since i thought that was the first step in leasing… I’m going to contact dealer now and see what’s the possibility of leasing instead.

Are you willing to travel to GA to get the car? Personally, I’d look for deals closer to home first and if none offer great deals, then I’d branch out further.

I agree with @Jon - look closer to home. The NY/NJ market is pretty competitive, so I’d think you could do just as well on a VW lease closer to home.