2018 Terrain Denali - Target discount?

Thanks for all the good info on this forum! Hoping someone with more experience can help me determine what are the available incentives on a 2018 AWD Terrain Denali. Here is the prurposed deal by the dealer.

39months/12k miles
MF: .00157
MSRP: $44005
Total savings: $8397.40 (includes 3k conquest, supplier discount, and any lease cash available. I don’t think the dealer has contributed anything yet.)
Residual: 53%
Total Adjusted Cap: $37625
Monthly: $499/month

I recognize this deal is not great, (inflated MF, no dealer contribution). I feel like I can negotiate those, but based on what I’m reading elsewhere in the forum I think there are other rebates I should be chasing?

Does it sound right to only have $2650 Lease cash, $3000 conquest, and about $2747 Supplier Discount?

If so, I’ll push for Base MF and a dealer discount of ~$4000 to push the monthly payment closer to $315/month.

Thoughts? Thanks!

@ChevyPhil I would also appreciate any help if you have the time!

I only do chevy for now sorry

Yes definitely push for a base mf and bigger discount.
If they arent high volume they may not be able to though. The sle’s are being discounted about 3k here in California. When I went to a small dealer max they would do is $1800.

Not sure where you live but that is awful. Look at other Terrain deals here (granted they are not Denali). My 2016 Denali was under $300 per month. If your in a large market like LA you should easily be $2,000 below invoice before incentives. If you have a supplier code you should be another $750 below that. At $500 a month you should be driving a much nicer vehicle that a Terrain. I have a Q5 and Rx350 and both payments are in the low $400’s.

This is the best deal I’ve been able to find so far. No luck getting any other dealer to beat it.