2018 Subaru Impreza Hatchback Automatic

First time leasing a car. NorCal, Tahoe Area. After spending the weekend and today getting different dealers to match/improve each others’ offers here is what we are left with. Thoughts? Decent offer? More room for negotiation?
36 months, 12,000 miles
MSRP: $21,707
Price: $19,200
Cap Reduction: $1554.05
Residual: 66%
Money Factor: 0.0018
Amount due at lease signing: $2000
Per month pre tax: $167
Per month total: $179
Total payments over 36 months: $8581

Thanks for any feedback! Much appreciated!

Did you confirm buy rate MF over on Edmunds? Also, as many on this forum will say, it isn’t advisable to put that much down as cap cost reduction. You’re looking at $222/month if you were to roll that into the lease.

There’s that google sheets that’s floating around that includes VW and some subaru. Have you compared it to that.

Looking at that sheet right now. Similarly priced hatchback comes in around $500 lower between drive off $ and monthly payments.

Here is the spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NQhqMhTXSYrH2KMIiIJZftLo2C13uOkopbqRUPB3r-I/edit#gid=242026089

$183/mo and $604 drive-off, meaning that you put $604 on your credit card and drive off the lot. That includes title, registration, fees, first month payment, and everything else. A lot of times, when they say “amount due at lease signing”, it doesn’t include title, registration, fees, etc.; it’s usually things like destination charge, delivery charge, and bunch of other BS charges. I had none of that. Actually, I didn’t get the Impreza. I ended up with the Tiguan S. But the deal was what is advertised on that spreadsheet. The salesperson is @rubbergash, and he’s in Carlsbad, CA. He told me to come in early before the inventory sells out. I thought whatever, just another sales tactic, but when I went on Saturday at 9am, they had at least half dozen Tiguan S models. It looks like they sold all but one over the weekend.

Here is what I did not like about the base model Impreza - black plastic mirrors and hub caps. For a good deal, I can do black plastic mirrors (as opposed to painted ones), but the hub caps - I just couldn’t. So for $16/mo more I got the Tiguan which has some nice 17" rims, painted mirrors, LED daytime lights, LED tail lights, turning signals on the mirrors, and the engine shutoff thingy when you come to a stop light. Only thing more that I really would have liked was push button entry and keyless entry, but that was another $89/mo, and I didn’t think it was worth it.

Anyways, the Impreza deal is only 10k/yr, and so is my Tiguan deal, but I don’t drive a lot so not a problem for me.

I helped a friend lease the base sedan auto. Came to $999 down and $199/MO @ 36mo. 15 k miles. The discount was a little under $3000. MF 0.00115