2018 Subaru Forester Premium - Numbers from Dealer Make Sense?

2018 Subaru Forester Premium Lease - do the numbers in this screen capture from the dealer make sense? I can’t figure out how they are coming up with the $1,146.85 Cash Cap Reduction considering that I’m putting down $2k.

So what I think happened is this dealer moved fees that I’ve normally seen added to the Gross Cap Cost ($449 doc fee, $29.25 title fee) to the Cap Cost Reduction side of the lease calculation.

So I thought my gross cap cost should be 26,490 price + 595 acq + 29.25 title + 449 doc = 27,563. And that my Adj. Cap Cost would be 27,563 - 1,146.85 cap cost reduction = 26,416.

But of course in the screencap, the Adj. Cap Cost is 25,938.15. Which comes from $26,490 price + $595 acq = 27,085 gross cap cost. Then the cash cap reduction is calculated as my $2k down - 1st month - 449 doc - 29.25 title - taxes = $1,146.85 cash cap reduction. So my Adj. Cap Cost ends up being 27,085 - 1,146.85 = 25,938.15.

So due to moving fees around, I’m working with a $25,938.15 adj. cap cost instead of $26,490 (difference of $477.85). So unless I am mistaken, by simply moving some fees out of the capitalized (and thus financed) side of the lease calcs, the dealer reduced my monthly payment.

Is this making sense?