2018 Subaru Crosstrek

I am pretty well decided on a Crosstrek W/CVT, eyesight, upgraded radio, auto dimming mirrors. I live in the Tampa, Florida area. Autobytel has $24,899; invoice $23,344. Looking for a 36mo/10 or 12k lease, zero down. Any ideas on the numbers I should,be looking for? Using the 1% rule (not sure if it applies to this model) + tax looks like about $250ish/ mo. Seems too good. Any help is appreciated. I still have 3 mo on my current lease so I have to pull the trigger soon.
By the way, my current lease may qualify for the worst deal-2015 RAV4 Ltd. $414/mo with $2500 down. At the time had credit around mid 500’s so I took what I could get. Different circumstances now, want to significantly reduce my monthly lease $.
Thank in advance

Should probably be $220-230/mo if you get selling price at least 1k under invoice. Get MF/RV on Edmunds and see for yourself. But Crosstreks are popular and selling very well.