2018 sterling edition grand Cherokee

Hey there! Need help for those that are currently leasing a Grand Cherokee: Sterling Edition. What would be the ideal price for a 2018 grand Cherokee 4x4 MSRP 46K. I went to a dealership today and they wanted to charge me 450+ a month with a minimum payment of 3500. Thought that was a little absurd, so I walked out. I’m in NY, so any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

Better than what I’m receiving… I can’t even get Jeep dealer to respond on a price. My goal is $350 with 2k down on same type of truck.

How do you even come up with that price? Has to be some logic behind your goal.

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I’ve seen some LH deals on limited (which is Sterling) for $399, $0 at signing (in my area with 44k msrp)… so I believe every $1000 is about $27. So I’m hoping for a LH score

Well OP saying a 46k truck. Now you say 2k down, i know you mean 2k as in total drive offs. I got one for 44.6k msrp a year and a half ago with only first month and dmv for 399 a month. However, you need to see how the programs are for the month you looking for. Rebates you quily for, etc.

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If you dont mind me asking, which dealership/leasing company did you go to…assuming you’re from the NY area.

No problem. I will PM you but again, to get good deals on jeeps you have to catch it the right moment end of month when they agree to dicount at like 2k under invoice.

I am also looking for a new Grand Cherokee Limited lease in NY. Have gotten a couple of offers but nothing great. Best MSRP $46710 with Preferred package 2BH - Jeep active safety group, power sunroof, Blind spot detection, Uconnect 8.4 in display. $1395 due at signing $443 a month. 36/12k. Thoughts anyone?

Im in NJ and leased a 2016 (in 2016) 75th Anniversary GC Limited with MSRP of 47 and change for 399 a month, 36/10. Cash out of pocket were 1st month and reg fees. Went back and forth with several dealers online before I got 1 to agree. Of course prices go up, etc, but I believe you can still get them around this price.

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36/10k ?.. What’s your current vehicle?

That’s an awesome deal. I would be set if I received an offer like that

I’m currently in a 2015 Kia sorento, 42 months/12,000 miles per year. Lease is supposed to go back by August, im trying to see if I can terminate this current lease and get into a newer vehicle. I’m just shopping around now because I know there will be deals come memorial day

Are you looking to terminate and roll your remaining payments into the new lease or just trying to get numbers now and going to wait until you’re closer to actual end?

I already had some dealers in NY offering me 550/mo with fisrt month plus dmv fees DAS for an oerland with 12k/36mo MSRP 52k…

You could def do better. I am not biting until they go to $500 but this was with me just shooting some emails out…

Not sure if this is the model your looking for but I have leased from these guys before, was pretty seemless, I don’t live in NY anymore and haven’t dealt with them in a little while.



Rt 4 Paramus NJ Jeep dealer, but I beat up all of the dealers with emails, etc before Paramus bit.

I wanna see if anyone can eat the numbers that I owe, and that can get me into a grand Cherokee. I’ve had it done in the past, so I know it’s possible.

Shoot me a text 347-992-5647. I can work something up for you.

With just first payment on an msrp of 45.6k, I’d be at 425 Including conquest (39/10 LI tax). Without anything from the Kia

Possibly go back to the negotiation table with them – the dealer was just throwing numbers hoping you’d say yes to one

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So that would be without the money that I owe for the kia…so you think it’s better off if I just wait for the lease to be over with in August?