2018 Stelvio base AWD $45k MSRP $415/mo $0 DAS - 24/10k Updated July

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Base
MSRP: $45,040
Monthly Payment: $415/Mo (INCLUDING 8.25% TAX)
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10,000

Colors available: Monte carlo blue, Gray, and Black
Price is non-negotiable. Please also keep in mind that there is a broker fee of $350

Can ship anywhere, as long as you schedule your own shipping.

There’s also even more base models but with the 6.5’ screen for $399, only red available.

Feel free to call or text 224-616-8158 for more information.


Where is your location?

Chicagoland area! Can ship anywhere though.

do you have any Giulia deals this month? in NJ though, not sure how much shipping would be/if it would kill the deal

Have good deals on Giulia’s too just no base models. Did a 25/15k $55k giulia for $530 with first month, doc, and registration due.

Shipping would be $750ish~~ Might be enough to kill it since its a 24 mo deal.

Any other Stelvio deals? Probably looking at a Sport, but not totally decided yet. (I’m in the Chicagoland area.)

Solid deal and a killer title.

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is a 20% discount before incentives possible on a fully loaded one MSRP ~53k

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UPDATE Dealer is no longer doing these! Update

Update: 7/10 Back on! Prices went up by roughly $500!

got a quote here in seattle for a base stevio 570$$$ … hate this place … amazing suv have the sheet too

Seriously interested in a Giulia deal on something like a RWD Sport or Ti Sport with about a 46k MSRP. Mainly looking for paddle shifters, 8" screen, Audio Upgrade, and possibly sunroof and nav. 12k/year, whatever length term works best.

Problem is they don’t carry many if at all any RWD TI sports!! They’re all AWD and start around 48ish

Alright, what can you do for the same car with AWD then?

What’s your zip? Miles? And open to either 36 or 24? 2020202

Zip is 91406, 12k miles, open to whichever length is best. If it’s within $10/mo or so 24 is probably better. Will personally fly up and drive it back, I love Chicago in the summer.

This is basically the same deal as the SoCal dealers.

Base model up to 46k MSRP = 349 + tax with 1700 DAS (first month payment and fees).

When you divide that over the 24 months (1700 - 1st payment of 349 = 1351 div by 24 months = $56 added per month). This was the original quote when I called. I’m sure you can get them down a bit on signing fees.

349 * 1.0775 tax = 375, add $56 from signing fees = 431/mo with the equivalent of $0 down.

In the above deal you have 419 + the 350 brokerage fee spread out over 24 months brings you up to 432. Save yourself the drive/gas/miles!

Best I’ve been able to do so far this month is $450/mo (incl 9.5% tax) + 1500 DAS on a Ti Sport RWD with an MSRP of around 46k. Seems like the deals aren’t as good as they were a month or two ago.

Im sorry I dont understand.

Atleast here in IL:
Tax is 8.25% = $349 * .0825 = $29/Mo~

$1700 DAS = $70~/mo

= $349 (base payment) + Tax ($29) + fees ($70) = $449 How is that more expensive than what I have posted?

I have, $419 with $0 drive off. Even with my fee its $434. Im changing it to $415 just to make it better.

$350 my fee = $14/mo

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Deals were better a month or so ago! But i’ll get you those numbers, I can beat what you’ve got! Question is by how much