2018 S90 T6 Inscription - Does this math work on a potential deal?

I am about to pull the trigger on this deal but can’t get my numbers to match the dealers either thru hand calculations or the LH calc. All help appreciated… Should have mentioned that all parameters seem fine:

Selling Price: 64,500
Dealer Discount 9%
Rebates: $13,250 ( HSE, LC, BC, A-Plan)
MF: .00022
RV: 56%
Acq fee 695
Term 24/12K
First Payment due on signing

It’s Maryland so taxes are due on sale price and will be rolled into the deal

Deal looks really good. Here is my attempt at matching the dealer and It’s very close.

Did you pull trigger yet? Ever find out what cap fees, 381, were apprised?

Incentives should be taxed, not put into the sales price. This definitely matters for PA tax, not sure about MD tax.

Weird, they wrote up your deal differently than mine. It looks like they included the rebates in the sales price for yours. The HSE was included in my sales price, but the other rebates were not.
Maybe that’s some kind of trick to lower MD taxes.

I was looking at my lease agreement and they did roll the incentives into the selling price there. But to get the LH calculator to agree with my dealer, I had to list the incentives as taxed incentives, and not include them in the selling price. Tax is confusing :slight_smile:

The good news is that it looks like the LH calculator is coming above the dealer, right?

Despite all of my legwork on securing the best price I could get on a 2018 I ended up finding a decent last minute deal (10.8% MSRP before Incentives) on a 2017 w/ the silver/charcoal color combo. I really wanted a grey or a silver with charcoal which is why I wasn’t fully content with the 2018 Maple brown or Black Inscriptions.

Most importantly I am comfortable with where I landed and felt informed throughout the transaction because of the knowledge I gained on this site. 2 weeks ago I wasn’t even aware of the s90 deals and I didn’t even know about the A-Plan or how to get all of the other available incentives. Thanks for those that helped me along the way.

If anyone is interested in the 2018’s that I passed up PM me. One is in MD & the other is in VA.

@edmcman… When they were putting together my lease agreement they rolled the HSE into the selling prices as well and it confused me but I was doing the calculation right next to them via the LH calc and also excel so I ultimately relented. You’re right tax is confusing

@cheapdad00 …I clarified with the dealer that the $381 ended up being tag, title, etc.

Congrats! Did you sign? Take a pic!

Congratulations on the new car @Coonies19 it is always sucks an accomplished feeling knowing that you got a good deal and know you really didn’t leave much on the table. Make sure you take some pics and post them.

Also, I really like that maple brown. I was looking at it on V90 CC and it really grew on me. But silver and black are classic colors. That silver will look amazing when cleaned but also looks really nice when dirty so it’s a can’t loose I think.

Thanks feels great to be done with the process and enjoying the car a little bit, I will post some pics tomorrow. I’ve been having connection issues all day, keep getting access denied/error messages on LH (but not on any other site).

While I really like the grey and silver I definitely needed the charcoal interior because of our little guy. I wasn’t sure how the amber interior was going to hold up. In a few years the extra room of the extended wheelbase will be ideal.

Congrats on such an awesome deal…maybe I misread but Sorry a little confused here …are you saying you got close to 20k Off 2018 XC90 on your initial deal which is close to 33% Off which is like 10 times awesome.

I thought discussions on sale price is same on if you buy or lease as I saw no one getting such big discounts with a-plan also.

I bought the same suv 2 months ago and got close to 15% Off and no one on Volvo forums also got anything close to what you got so just wondering why is there such huge difference in price

I think he’s talking about S90. @Coonies19? Can you add model to the title for clarification and so that this topic will come up in searches?

Sorry for the confusion, I was initially looking at a 2018 s90 but ended up with a 2017 s90 Inscription. (thanks @Ursus for push to clarify). Your math is correct though there are several people getting between 25-30+% off the sticker of the s90, when you get a discount off the MSRP before applying all available incentives including the A-plan…does that make sense?

sorry my bad for some reason I was thinking this is for XC90… but nevertheless an awesome discount on a very nice car… have fun!!