2018 S 450 Sedan Deal

Hi All,

I’m looking to lease a 2018 S 450 in So Cal. I was working with a dealer for a car and here is what they gave me:

MSRP 108,100

True 0 drive off (0 down, 0 everything)

After some negotiating, it came down to $1325. Is this worth it? Is there more room? I asked for MF and RV but didn’t get the numbers yet.

Sorry newbie here, not sure if good deal. They are discounting the car about $13,800.

Thanks in advance for any help.

There’s not enough info in here. Do you qualify for fleet incentives for example? Or was it applied already?

S550’s generally lease for ~$1200-$1300/mo.
With how many dealers have you checked already?

What term and mileage?

Need more info.

pretty hefty discount. Is this the norm for the new S?

throw $ towards MSD’s, that should save you some more too.