2018 Renegade CPO Purchase good deal?

Sorry I’m not suppose to post about purchase advise but I know you guy now a good deal! I have a deal for a purchase of a renegade CPO in San Diego which I have negotiated remotely
It’s used with 2200 miles, they have an online special listing the car at 14300 which is a amazing price that I would have not even negotiated, but after getting the deal structure they added in all of these add on to recoup there cost including KARR security Fabric and paint protection which they calm is already done on the car and a Mopar 100,000/7yr warranty . That are Insistence that these cannot come off the deal. Kbb list the value of a CPO in that spec at 18,177. With Kbb consider it does not seem like to bad of a deal but wanted some other options . The reason for not going new is they now longer make this model in manual

This is a lease site, but the reason the price is good it because they are making money on those add ons. $2485 in BS add ons that virtually cost nothing makes it an average deal.

And I don’t think that includes the $2,000 extended warranty or $500 for GAP.

You want to finance $21k for a car that’s $24k new?



A Jeep Renegade once it goes out of warranty sounds like a poor poor decision

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A Chrysler based on a Fiat…what could possibly go wrong?


The new ones are not available in manual anymore

Also, my dear OP friend, did you check carfax to make sure no accidents?
And what do you mean by negotiate remotely? Are you buying a used car sight unseen?

That’s why I’m not against the warranty I know the renegades have issues

That’s like saying I know this restaurant is in a bad place in town, which I why I am taking a gun with me. Why not just choose a different restaurant?

At 18k, a nice RAV or CRV can be had…

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But it’s a crappy manual. Why not get an HRV 6MT? The Renegade is a jacked up Fiat. It’s not a Wrangler.

Or just lease a limited Cherokee, you’re probably one of the only people in Cali that wants a manual.

Not worth it. Dont pay those extra fees. Wait until the end of the month. Let them come back to you. I agree with everyone else pick a different car.

Even if they paid me to take the BS adds (versus me paying them) I wouldn’t take this steamer. Run far away and leave this for the BHPH crowd who has no other choice.

Why would a dealer care about end of month deals on a used car?

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They’re not budging on the extras. He already tried. He could try again or wait until the end of the month when everyone is trying to hit their numbers. Maybe they’ll drop it and give finance another crack at it.

It’s always hilarious when they’re willing to “blow their brains out” on the sales price but then want to add a bunch of garbage on the top. If only more people did the math…

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And it really is just as simple as ‘why would I finance a used $25k car for $21k’.