2018 RAV4 le léase how did I do

Today I helped a family member negotiate lease. Tier 1 credit

Msrp $27000
Sale price was $24200. Money factor .00086 $1300 up front for fees $278 a month with taxes 12k miles

I didn’t realize they’d lease st 2% expected more.

If calculated with that and pushed for 23k could have got a lot cheaper. I felt like I did amazing and now realize I basically paid msrp. I used leasehackr in front of them and they went with the doc fees on it and registration so I don’t know if I lost there. They used the 1500 on app and I knocked down to 1300 for acquisition reg and doc fees


You already did the deal. So no point asking bud. Enjoy the ride.


Just want to know if it was a good deal. Thank you for response

You didn’t even give the MSRP. Impossible to evaluate without it, but the deal is done so it doesn’t matter if it’s good

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Msrp was 27k but that was with add ons car came with add on and fees. Real msrp is 24660

MSRP cannot be changed by the dealer. If you want help, you need to give accurate information.


The sticker said 24800 for manufacturing price. Then 25800 for southeast Toyota price then 27000 for final sticker price with car add ons and delivery fee.

Wow now I see I could have just gotten 2200 sale price as msrp is really 24600. I only paid 400 less. I could have gotten 253 with zero down instead of 278 with 1300 down.

B- at best 20202020202020202020

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Yes, MSRP is $25,845, not $27k.

Typical dealer scam


To be honest, the rav4 XLE should be acheivable in for 289 tax included with first due at signing. Your first mistake is Toyota of Hollywood. That place is a fish market and wait till they open the new one. Better to do business with Kendal or go for any of the Palm beach dealers.

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I actually re-read your post. You signed today and these guys are a part of huge automotive group that boasts about 3 day / 300 mile money back guarantee. Might be a tougher than a wisdom tooth extraction but you might wanna try. Renegotiate the deal and try to do better.


I’d say pretty bad. That price gets you in the higher trims. This car is about to be replaced, deals are plenty.

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