2018 Range Rover Sport SE td6 Diesel Demo - Is this a good deal?


I was quoted $999 a month (includes 5% sales tax) 36/12k with 0 down. Car is a demo with a couple hundred miles.

Is this a good deal or should I wait and lease a 2019 in March when Land Rover’s fiscal year ends? I’m currently leasing a RR Sport (lease is up in April). Thanks!

You can get a new one for that discount, wait until March if you can

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What’s in March?

Fiscal year end for JLR

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I got the 2018 Diesel HSE in Sep 2018 for 5K (2.5k Cash + 2.5K for my car) down at 999.98 per month. Anything matching or below is a great deal. Good Luck!