2018 Range Rover Sport SE Lease

The lease on my 2015 RRS SE is coming to an end next month. I was quoted 1,084.10 for 36 months at 12k miles per year. How does this deal look? My current payment is $882 w/tax at 12k miles a year (no money down, 42 mos), but every dealership I talk to tells me there is no way they can get me into a 2018 for that payment.

My original lease was from when I lived in Southern California - I now live in New England.

MSRP: 73,322
Discount: 2,822
Tax: 2,004.79
Bank Fee: 895
Doc Fee: 479
Security Coding(?): 269
Registration: 135
RES: 61%

What state are you in and are you sure you’re required to pay tax upfront?

The quote I received is from a dealer in Mass, but I live in Maine. The dealer here in Maine quoted $1,146 for 36 mos at 10k a year, 0 down for a 2018 and $1,299 for a 2019.