2018 Range Rover Sport HSE TD6 *** Signed ***

I thought I’d share as a reference point, the deal my wife got on a 2018 Range Rover Sport HSE TD6. Range Rover dealers in So-Cal are not the easiest to chisel out a deal! I’m convinced it’s not realistic to get a 1% deal on a RR with 12k miles per year. In the not too distant past the dance we got from the RR dealer was they couldn’t sell us a car if we were from out of the area, and should we want to buy one, it was $3k down and $1300/mo.

Our vehicle has the Drive Pro Package, Tow Package and Climate Comfort package as well as a few more options.

**MSRP: $81,657
**Selling Price: $73,170
**Monthly Payment: $969 including tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $1838.13
**Months: 39
**Annual Mileage: 12k
**MF: .00082
**Residual: 54%

wow, here in NY dealers want to give just 1-2% of MSRP …awesome deal

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Can you pm me dealer and person you dealt with?

Done! However, I just checked their website and the are no more 2018 TD6s.

@livesandiego can you pm me the dealer info please? Happy New Year!