2018 QX60 Deluxe Tech quote



Lease rebate is just lease cash depending on your area that is applied directly to the selling price and isn’t taxed.


I think buy rate is 0.00065, so lots or marking up going on. I thought target for qx60 was 14-15% off (without VPP), that would put you in 50k range.

That vehicle, at 50k price, at buyrate, is 460/mth before tax, depending on doc fee amount, etc.

With msds that shouldn’t be an issue, I have a dealer in pa :grinning:

At least your dealer is discounting some.

The lone dealer in my area would only offer the 1000 lease cash with no other discount and had the mf at around 0.00175.

Payments worked out to 1100 with 1000 due at signing for 39/10.

They even told me that MSDs didn’t affect the payment…

Next closest one is over an hour and half drive and they didn’t get back to me until 2 weeks later after I had found a car. My city has many things, but most are just 1 of those things, car dealerships among them. Most are also owned by 1 guy too.

It sucks to have to do that but it’s always a great excuse for a road trip! I do tend to get paranoid about the dealer changing things last minute after I’ve made the drive though.

Find someone further away who is more aggressive and have a local dealer beat it. Wait until later in the month when they may be hungrier. Ideally you want another 5% off, the question is how long it takes to get there and what your timeline is. Its a competitive segment. That price range is Lexus gx460 space.

Was the owner incentive the same as them lease cash above or something different? I thought published incentives were higher in q2 2017 than they are now, so if you can wait, it might be worth waiting.

Why not reach out to @nyclife (broker)? He mentioned he has a dealer he works with in your area.