2018 QX60 AWD driving assistance package

dealer told me they can give me this vpp price 40788(msrp 52860) with or without trade in, can i do any better than this?

20% off before VPP is pretty good.

The price already include vpp, 1500 is the owner loyalty cash, and I will probably do the purchase instead of lease, so there is no lease cash

Not sure anyone can answer this, but does owning a Nissan count as owner loyalty cash for Infiniti?

I got a physical mail with unique code

how much does the VPP drop it? I’m working a similar deal at the same dealership. (I punched in the stock number)

my loyalty rebate was only $1k though?

the max discount i got before vpp is around 7k, and VPP is at invoice price,so around 3.5k to 3.5k off ?

That price is amazing - 20% off before the rebate on a relatively highly trimmed QX60. Even if you trade in your existing Qx60, get them to write you a check for it (minus MSDs) and continue to lease.

where is this deal? looking in IL

It’s in SoCal based on a Google search of OPs VIN. That dealer gave out amazing deals to a few hackers last year.