2018 Q50 Red Sport 400, SoCal

Started the process of e-mailing dealerships (11 of them) on a Q50 RS RWD. First 2 responded with 14 and 15% off MSRP. I think that is a good start, but I wanted to be in the 20% range so not sure if I can squeeze another 5% out of them. I do not have VPP. MF is .00003 with 55% RV on a 39/10. All in all I wanted ~$400 (inc.7.75%tax) or so, which the 20% off (MSRP 53k-56k) would get me there. However, is that a pipe dream for right now?

I am looking at the Red Sport because of the higher RV than the Sport (52%), and with the features I want the Red Sport comes close or even cheaper if I was to get ~20%off. However, I wonder if the dealers would be more motivated to move the sport models.

I’ve read and learned a lot of info on the forums, but I’m still new at this. Also most of the info is for year end deals which not sure how much different it is vs February. Any help is really appreciated.

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First offer so far, I feel like I could get more, but I have no data from other deals to compare

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2018 Q50 Red Sport 400 RWD]

MSRP: [$55975]
Selling Price: [$47379] 15%
Rebates: [$0]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [39]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [.00003]
Residual: [55]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$1177]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$480]*

Sales Tax Rate: [7.75%]

Leasehackr Score: [10.2]

*edit: Sorry I copied the format from another post and forgot to change the monthly payment, rookie mistake.

I’m no lease expert, but that price is way too low. $248? Am I missing something?

I think he meant 448.57. If it’s it’s 248 then I’m not sure why he ask for lesser discount when they’re already giving him a huge a** discount to get that payment lol

Sorry I copied the format from another post and forgot to change the monthly payment, rookie mistake. It is $480 incl tax

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Have you contacted Infiniti in Tustin? They seem to have the best pricing in SoCal.

I have, although I am still waiting for their quote. I actually e-mailed every single dealership from Santa Barbara to San Diego who had inventory with the options I want. Thanks for the suggestion though because they would be my preference due to proximity.

Who did you reach out to at each dealer - the Internet Sales Manager? I’m still learning this stuff.

Took a while, but I went to each dealer’s website looked at their inventory, if they had what I want then I would look up their ‘Meet our Staff’ page. They are all different, but I mostly zeroed in on the internet sales manager’s or just regular sales managers. Some didn’t have any staff e-mails available so I just dropped the message in the general contact form.

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The price you got is good but not the lowest I’ve seen. March is their year end.

Down to $462, almost same MSRP as first one, still working on others, this is kinda fun!

I’m sure most of us here who do this a lot will tell you that the thrill of the chase is sometimes more fun than driving the car…

Have fun!

Hopefully it all works out at the end. My strategy right now is to work hard with the dealerships farther away, and then use that info to have the closer dealerships match. That way I don’t have to drive that far to pick up…

I’m confused with my latest offer, numbers just don’t add up however I try them on the calculator. I got the following:

MSRP: 52435
Discount: 8646
Adj. Price: 43789
Doc: 80
Tax: 40.45 (only offer to include this?)
Non-tax fees: 1273.75 (guessing dmv and acq)


but then it quotes the 39/10 for 421+tax with “1500 cash down”. If I input the numbers on the calc I get $365+ tax, and even if I take the 1500 down off it goes to $403+tax. I also matched the numbers for $1500 drive off but that doesn’t match either. What am I missing?