2018 Q50 3.0T Luxe

Was offered this deal earlier today without negotiations:

2018 Q50 3.0T Luxe
MSRP: $46,745
Sell Price: $39,953 (15% off after $1,500 VPP Discount)
12k Miles/39 Mos.
RV: 54%
MF: 0.00007

$436/Mo. incl. NJ Taxes (6.85%)
$1212 out of pocket consisting of DMV ($401), Acq. Fee ($700), and other state/local charges ($112)

Is this a good deal or can I do better? I was thinking $400/mo. including taxes? What does everyone think?

You can do Better

I was quoted 392 a month for 15k miles with only inceptions out of pocket around 1200 or so as well for a 2018 3.0t sport with similar MSRP. I’m not going to even take it yet. I know I can get them down to 350.

Where are you located? The sport models have worse residuals too than the luxe so a $350 a month deal is pretty fantastic.

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What dealer was this? Pm me please.

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Signed yesterday for a 3.0t Luxe RWD $0 down $350 month 39/10k.

That’s a good deal. What was the MSRP? Also can you PM me the dealer?