2018 Q50 3.0 Luxe

Still learning the process and helping a coworker. She got this response.

MSRP: $40,160
Discount: - $6,328.47
Sale Price: $33,831.53


$1,000 out of pocket
Monthly: 400 including tax

Where should we go from there?


So besides asking about the money factor, what else should I ask for?

That is not enough discount of MSRP. I have a thread in marketplace open for a 3.0T Luxe AWD with a sticker of 45K for 325/mth without anything down.

If you are in NewYork Metro area I can refer the dealer to you and if not read over my thread and ask for discounts on those lines.

Can you let me the dealer ? Any deals on red sports ?

I got a better deal last month using @aronchi on 3.0t awd and a couple packages. Monthly was less than what you were qouted and everything rolled in on i believe 46k msrp

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But would wait until February on infiniti. This month’s program was bad.