2018 Q50 3.0 Lease

Shopping for a new 2018 Q50 3.0t lease.
Im wondering how the VPP D class code will help me in negotiation.
Can I use it on top of an agreed TrueCar pricing? Can I use it on top of a negotiated price?
Some info on the vpp would be great.

As I’m sure others may also suggest…

Usually try and negotiate the best deal possible without ever mentioning VPP, then bring it out of your back pocket as the final tactic. From my understanding VPP will take whatever price you negotiated and reduce it further.

Ive also read people saying that. just wondering if the one I got is that same one, or does it have to be a class A-B type of VPP

We just leased a 2018 Q50 3.0t. MSRP was $52k, payment was $410 but when pulling my credit the salesman noticed I worked for xyz and said I qualified for VPP D-Plan which brought my payment to $399.

Do you happen to have more info on that lease? The pricing you got is something I can work with.

Sure, it was my first lease ever so I was looking for feedback on how I did:

The details:
Arizona - Scottsdale
10k / 39 mo / 56%
MSRP $51,700
Sales Price $42,647 (18% off MSRP)
MF .00003
Doc Fee $449
Acq Fee $700
License/Registrat. Fee: $719.86

Monthly Payment $399.95
Out of pocket I paid $1600 for registration + doc fee + first months payment.

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