2018 Porsche 718 Cayman $71,180, 20% off 10kmi/36mo, $580/month, $500 DAS! CANNOT BE REPLICATED



is it b/c i’m russian?


Are you really? :joy::joy::joy:
Is “gestapo” because Jon and I are Nazis?


Yes, I was 5 years old when i got lucky enough for this country to open its doors to me.


Germans and Russians. Isn’t Merica great?


I have heard Moscow is the most expensive city in the world – Also 80% of the worlds supermodels come from Russia


Moscow was expensive when the rouble was 30 to the dollar. At 65 to the dollar and under the weight of US sanctions, it’s no longer expensive.

Russian women look terrific, but the women in Kiev or Minsk are just jaw-dropping, and without the attitude.


@discountsales2020 take your porsche to eastern europe!


I am from Ukraine and can confirm that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful out there :slight_smile: (visit Odessa, even better than Kiev)


You won’t impress anyone with Cayman in Moscow, that’s for sure.


What an insane deal


That’s a unicorn deal!


are you also in my brain? haha


Congratulations, This is one heck of a deal. I would get one even if I didn’t it. :wink:


great car, excellent price/payment structure! have fun!


So you’re saying this is comparable to rubbergash’s :unicorn: Passat deals?


Shots fired.


Wow killer deal, congrats amazing car.


Alright, this was fun :joy:

Enjoy the car!