2018 Porsche 718 Cayman $71,180, 20% off 10kmi/36mo, $580/month, $500 DAS! CANNOT BE REPLICATED


Thanks again to Mike at Bostoncarconcierge for putting this one together.

The dealer was able to still give me the Nov numbers because I had already been credit approved on 11/30. After a few days of seeing how terrible the Dec numbers were, and friends saying it was such a no-brainer, I called back, and the salesperson said, “last last chance this time.” Added 3 year maintenance for $3/month which was also a no-brainer. The pre-paid maintenance adds a point to the residual just like Audicare.


is this available?


Looks like they gave you around $2200 for welcome to porsche? always thought that was a taxable rebate.

nonetheless, unbelievable deal. enjoy the ride.


the “Cannot be replicated” in the title might mean no.

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Aronchi, your post about “Welcome to Porsche” is what put me over the edge! Thank you for asking that on the OP!!

I was able to get $4500 as a straight cap cost reduction


This is incredible - congratulations!


Congrats again! So freakin happy this deal worked out. Best Porsche deal I have ever seen, sir.


my fee for that post also is $299, just like @Bostoncarconcierge!

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lol! thanks for the assist man


i’m the stockton to your malone.

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Careful, Ursus will close the post if he sees another lovefest going on!


Great deal man – glad you finally pulled the trigger and kudos to @Bostoncarconcierge for bringing this deal here

All you need to do is plasti-dip the wheels black.


I concur… fantastic deal. I’m glad someone from here took advantage of it…


great deal… so jealous I was too far away to be able to jump into it…


Glad you did it! Congrats!


hi, are u in my brain?


Those were the days…


Have fun with a deal like this. Congrats.


Seriously, careful or @Jon and @Ursus will gestapo this thread.


How about Putin this thread?

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