2018 Porsche 718 Cayman $71,180, 20% off 10kmi/36mo, $580/month, $500 DAS! CANNOT BE REPLICATED



Thanks again to Mike at Bostoncarconcierge for putting this one together.

The dealer was able to still give me the Nov numbers because I had already been credit approved on 11/30. After a few days of seeing how terrible the Dec numbers were, and friends saying it was such a no-brainer, I called back, and the salesperson said, “last last chance this time.” Added 3 year maintenance for $3/month which was also a no-brainer. The pre-paid maintenance adds a point to the residual just like Audicare.


is this available?


Looks like they gave you around $2200 for welcome to porsche? always thought that was a taxable rebate.

nonetheless, unbelievable deal. enjoy the ride.


the “Cannot be replicated” in the title might mean no.


Aronchi, your post about “Welcome to Porsche” is what put me over the edge! Thank you for asking that on the OP!!

I was able to get $4500 as a straight cap cost reduction


This is incredible - congratulations!


Congrats again! So freakin happy this deal worked out. Best Porsche deal I have ever seen, sir.


my fee for that post also is $299, just like @Bostoncarconcierge!


lol! thanks for the assist man


i’m the stockton to your malone.


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Great deal man – glad you finally pulled the trigger and kudos to @Bostoncarconcierge for bringing this deal here

All you need to do is plasti-dip the wheels black.


I concur… fantastic deal. I’m glad someone from here took advantage of it…


great deal… so jealous I was too far away to be able to jump into it…


Glad you did it! Congrats!


hi, are u in my brain?


Those were the days…


Have fun with a deal like this. Congrats.


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