2018 Nissan Rogue SV $260/mo 36/12 $260 drive off

2018 Nissan Rogue SV
36/12 lease
$260/drive off

I used a Brooklyn based broker. If anyone is serious about getting a car PM me.

**MSRP: $28,233.37
**Selling Price: $26,343.50
**Monthly Payment: $260.00
**Cash Due at Signing: $260.00
**MSD: N/A
**Incentives: $3700

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 12
**MF: Didn’t ask.
**Residual: Didn’t ask

**Region: NY
**Leasehackr Score: 9.5 years approximately (I don’t know the residual or MF so I had to tweak numbers in calculator based on sales contract)!

Looks like a VPP deal?

No VPP, No College Grad.

there is $3200 of incentives on the rogue this month, sounds like whatever broker you used gave you some fughese vpp

Definitely not. I tried to get VPP the dealer refused. I had a real VPP code from a family member.

Honestly who knows. They could be saying A and doing B.

Well they’re clearly doing B b/c you have an extra $500 of vpp money there lol…doesn’t seem like the most honest of folks. You should check to find out.

Why do I care to check ? You think I should call Nissan and offer to pay more ? Good advice! I also called the bank and said add 3% to my mortgage my monthly seems low.

You are a registered business on here. So you have a benefit to bash deals you can’t beat.

As a matter of fact aren’t you mike? Didn’t me and my friend call you for a Pathfinder and you offered the dean from Nissan website?

I’m not bashing your deal. Your numbers are great. I’m pointing out that your deal has shady incentives added to it, so you probably shouldn’t be announcing it like this. We did speak on the pathfinder, i guess? But if we did, you probably also remember that i told you i don’t play games with this stuff, unlike some brokers.

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You making accusation you can’t prove. With a clear benefit to drive traffic to yourself. I posted my personal lease contract and I am not suggesting anyone to go anywhere and I actually only did it to help people similar to how they helped me here since that’s what will drive prices down overall.

So stop making stuff up. My broker and dealer told me they don’t do anything shady and didn’t use a VPP nor College Grad. My broker does this professionally for a living unlike you. So maybe you shouldn’t mud sling and go figure out how you can run a better side job.

I mean why be a hater. You can easily say it’s a great deal and put up with the fact that this one got away from you.

honestly, its been proven by the contract.

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i’m not slinging mud or being a hater. i’m pointing out that your posted contract has an additional $500 of incentives that you admittedly do not qualify for.

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Dude, quit being so paranoid. He is in the business and pointed something out. Nothing more.

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Lol, Damn. Honestly I used to be in the business and its nothing new, leasing companies signing you up for things you don’t qualify for. Conquest was one of those things always being photoshopped.

I have no interest here so I can’t be paranoid since I have no risk.

At the end of the day I saved about $1000 vs going to the dealer over life of the lease. Nissan sold a car that will require maintenance and parts over life of the car. The dealer moved a unit and the broker made his cut.

If any business in any industry wanted to, they can institute checks to prevent any practice. It’s very easy. So everyone here benefits and this practice goes on.

Otherwise how do you think people post insane deals here?

I mean I was just saying. I don’t care what a dealer does to get me to where what I want to pay. As long as I’m not lying I didn’t do anything wrong.

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Exactly. Also not the customers job to question dealer or suspect dealer or broker wrongdoing. I’m not in the FBI nor Nissan compliance :wink: I am just trying to pay as little as possible for getting to work and home.

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