2018 Mercedes glc300 4matic suv loaner


Msrp $49965, loaner with 5000 miles
Selling price $42256
Mf 0.00081
Will try to do ten msd to bring mf to 0.00011
Residual 54%
36/10 term
Monthly $453
Drive off $3567( includes taxes, fees, dmv)

With msd should bring the payment to around $405



Ended doing this deal for a different car the dealer had. Still a bit confused… But seems like a nice deal…

2018 MB glc300 4 matic loaner

Msrp $51795
Selling price 42116
Mf 0.00011
Msd - 10 totaling $4520
Residual 54%
Term 36/10
Drive off $5008 (includes 4520 msd and first payment)
Monthly $509 (includes taxes, fees, dmv)

Also got prepaid service plan in this cost.


Your MSD amount is totally wrong. I think 10 MSDs should be $6000.


It’s because he calculated it off of the original payment of $450 prior to rolling in taxes and fees and adding in the prepaid service.


Seems like the whole lease it’s way off


The dealer doesn’t get to pick what the MSD amount is. The contract will be rejected by MBFS.


This is basically what he used


That matches nothing you’ve posted. MSDs and drive-offs totally differ. Also, prepaid maintenance should be residialized.


Monthly is 452 without tax and fees rolled in. 10 msd is 450x10= $4500. That should be right


If monthly is $452, then each MSD is $500.


I rolled the fees and taxes into the payment. Payment went from 452 to 509.


Why not post your contact? With the numbers you stated, MBFS will reject that contract because it is totally wrong.


This says msd rounded to nearest 50 dollar amount


Ok give me a minute…I’ll post it…

So if they reject it then what happens?


The dealer has to re-do the contract with valid numbers. If not, you have to return the car.


So will they jack the payments up? Is it in my best interest to bring up the issues with the numbers or just wait it out?


They probably won’t believe you anyways, so I’d just wait until they say something.

Are you in NY or NJ?


Needless to say I’m very confused. Hopefully it all works out.


Midwest, thanks for the help