2018 mercedes e400 demo lease is this good?



hi guys im checking out a mb e400 loaner with 6902 miles. car is located in norcal but im in socal.

heres the prelim numbers dealer send me

msrp: 70715
sp: 55984
tax: 4345.35
fees: 750.75
das: 1521.95 (including fmp, regis, doc fee)
money factor 0.00192
monthly: 764.61(includes 7.75 tax)
term: 36/10k

with 5 msd (3750)
monthly: 728.17

feels like i can alot better…what do u pros think?


MF seems high. What is the buy rate? I would look into MSD if available. LH Lease calculator suggest that it is.


yes with 5 msds price came out to 721 and some change 10 msd was about 690

this includes my tax at 7.75


I called Mercedes of marin on the buy rate. your right, its marked up. they claim buy is .00172 with 5 msd it will lower it to .00137. the residual is $38,312.84
is this a good deal?


I am getting 54% RV based on your datapoints. It seems higher to me for 30k mi lease.

  1. Verify MF and RV at edmund forums.
  2. If your credit is solid, then do not allow dealer to mark it up. Demand buy rate (you are negotiating…)
  3. Find out how much discount each MSD buys you. Make sure dealer is not marking up the discount.

Some context regarding item # 3, a fancy Lexus dealership in DFW (cough sewell cough) tried pulling fast one on me by marking up discount by 50%. “Mistake” was corrected after I probed and objected.

You are currently above 1% rule (there is preach/hate camp about this rule). Since you are leasing demo with 10k mi. I would aim to lower it further.

Disclaimer, by no means, I am an expert. I read and soaked in alot information (like kid would eat candy) few weeks of ago when I closed the deal on my puppy. I know you are probably eager to grab this (I was :smile: ) but make sure you are not leaving anything on table.

Hopefully some smarter brains here will give you better pointers.


I checked with edmunds the buy rate for e400 is .00142 and RV for 12/36 is 54. Dealer trying to pull a fast one on me :smile:

How do I find out how much each msd buy? Can’t seem to find it on edmunds

Tks for the knowledge mate! I have time so not in a hurry so I don’t get suckerd in


Lease calculator has MSD option. It suggest that each MSD discounts MF by 0.00007. Looks like dealer is passing it to you. (0.00172 - 0.00137) / 5 = 0.00007.

If I was you, I’d push them further on

  1. MF (Go quite for 1-2 days, if they are not agreeing on buy rate).
  2. Follow up critically on RV. They are offering you 54 RV on 36mo/10k lease; same as 36/12k, why?
  3. Why is your tax line item at (4345/55984) 7.77% ? ask for detail breakdown. I am from TX where we pay sales tax on full price, but I think CA only ask for on depreciated cost. I am afraid Dealer is taking advantage here.