2018 Mercedes E300 4Matic

How does this lease quote look considering it is a 2018 Mercedes E300 4Matic and has 6000 miles on it.

MSRP: $61000
Selling Price: $48000
Money factor: 0.001410
RV: 57%
MSD’s: 10
Acquisition Fee: $1095 (Marked up and not willing to bring it to the base $795)
Lease Term: 12k/36 Month’s

Monthly lease before tax and after MSD’s: $457
Monthly lease before tax and before MSD’s: $516

Money factor is marked up front 0.00101. Are you eligible for fleet incentives? Also, your RV needs to be reduced by ~1% for the 6k miles.

Thank you.

Unfortunately i do not qualify for any fleet incentives. I will ask for the dealer about the RV and marked up MF.