2018 Mercedes C300 Loaner Lease Quote Question

Hello, I got this quote today for a loaner C300 4matic Coupe with 7k miles.

I am posting, because I just don’t understand and obviously I am not going to lease this. How is it possible that the RV is 41%? I thought that RVs were not negotiable. Are loaner RVs negotiable?

Also, what are RVs and MFs for new C300 4matic sedan and coupe & C43 AMG 4matic sedan for zipcode 80120?

Thanks in advance!

You are correct, the RV is not negotiable. However, on loaners, the RV is adjusted to account for the mileage already on the car. On your quote, it’s listed as mileage adjustment with a penalty of $800. Mercedes calculates it by (miles-3000) * .20. On top of that, coupes tend to have lower residuals than their sedan counterparts.

For this information, you’ll want to search “2019 C300 MF” and post on the specific Edmunds forum (should be one of the first results) with your zip code and lease terms (length/miles). The good folks over there have access to that info.

Ah I see. Thank you so much!

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