2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC43 (9)

Have a deal on the table for a new inventory 2018 MBZ GLC43:

MSRP: $66k
Selling Price: $56k
Monthly Payment: $~650/mo (8% taxes incl)
Base Monthly Payment: $~590/mo)
Drive-Off Amount: $~8000 (incl. $7500 in MSDs, 1st month+tax, doc fees, acquisition (495), registration)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00088 (.00018 effective)
Residual: 51%
Incentives included in lease: 1250 loyalty, 750 trim, DE1 (not stackable with fleet)
Score: 9

Anyone interested?

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New car in private lease transfer forum?

Someone will very likely say you should be a registered business to hawk deals here . . .

how’s it $~8000 drive-off if $7500 is already MSDs? MSD + 1st mo alone puts it above $8000, that doesn’t even incl doc fees, acquisition etc. It’s going to be way more than $8000.

misread your statement, got it.
What state?

I looked into a glc43 before I got my sq5 and they leased horribly.

This is a very strong deal.

I’m interested. Send me a PM

where is this?

I never received a PM and OP has a hidden profile. Spider sense is tingling.


I was thinking the same thing.

TGTBT, sorta weird post, private profile . . . Starting to walk like a duck and talk like a duck if you ask me.

I mean his name is tomFOOLERY. name checks out

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It would be hard to commit to a “deal” that could be in Arkansas, Wyoming, or Zimbabwe.

Multiple asks as to location, and unless I overlooked, still no data.

lol what? Here’s a thought… I might be looking for ANOTHER car. My post history is quite the opposite of “can’t commit.”

Judging by your history and activity in this thread, your online persona is:

(1) Quite flaky
(2) Full of red flags
(3) Non-responsive / Ignores relevant questions
(4) Completely unprofessional
(5) Extremely dumb

Good luck trying to salvage anything from this disaster of a post. No one is going to trust you brokering a deal for a bicycle, much less a $60k vehicle


Interested, pm me.

@tomfoolery did you end up striking a deal with anyone? I’m in the market for a GLC43 as well.