2018 Mercedes Benz E300

Here is the lease offer for 36 / 12k. Please let me know if it’s a okay deal given I’m not using any MSD

Months 36
MSRP 59445
Drive Off 2500 (1st payment, license title and documentation)
Rebate 2000 fleet discount
Residual 60%
Residual 35667
Tax rate % 8.5
Money Factor 0.0014 (0MSD)
Total 700
Overall Lease Cost 27000
Monthly Lease cost: 700

I actually don’t know how much discount off MSRP the dealer gave me. He just said the monthly payment is 700 including tax. Should I take the deal?

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Really bad deal, I think

I’m not putting down any MSD and the downpayment is minimal, which part you think could be improved? Thanks!

That second part is your answer.

I used the lease calculator, looks like the dealer is giving me 10% off. Should I target more or this is a good discount?

That’s an awful deal. It doesn’t meet the 1% rule which isn’t hard to do on an E class. And a downpayment? Absolutely awful. Use MSDs and get the sale price down a lot. Maybe look for a demo

This is literally one of the worst deals I’ve seen on the forum for a 59k MSRP E300. You obviously didn’t read anything on here.

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I agree with everyone here. Try to search on other dealers or brokers and surely you can find the best deal.

The E sedans , non amg models should always be under 1% I believe. When you get into the coupes and especially the convertibles, that becomes tougher on current year model (1 year old model, definitely can hit under 1%).

Most of the great deals on this forum for e300’s have been for demos. @Tourist 10% off MSRP is pretty much what I have been quoted by multiple dealers as well for a brand new 2018 e300. Is a 15% discount on a new model realistic?