2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG Lease

Hello, I was quoted this lease earlier today and wanted to ask for some advice.

2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA45C4

MSRP- $58865.00
Selling Price- $54343.92
Down payment- $10,700 (Trade-in)
48 months/10k yr.
$618 payments

Does that look about right or should I shop around?

Also I’m located in the DMV area.

Think about it. $39746 to drive a $54k car for 4 years, then hand it back. :man_facepalming:


That pretty much does it. Why don’t you search a little on the site to see what people are doing/recommending to do. I know not apples to apples, but still a sample


That’s why I figured I would ask first. I’ll do some research.

You’re basically paying 840 per month after your down payment. Might as well just buy it if you like it that much. Otherwise that deal is awful, you can get an M3 w/ a higher msrp. AMG car are very bad at leasing but some people just got money and don’t mind.

If you’re exploring AMGs in the $58k sticker range you may as well just do a c43. Paying they much for the baby Benz just feels wrong and trust me that car has very noticeable turbo lag.

$840/mo with $0 Down! No way!
That’s Ghibli money right there. Go get a Maserati instead. Or an M3.

If you’re set on the CLA for any reason, lose the down payment, and put in some MSD’s

When emailing the sales rep, he didn’t want to disclose the MF, Acquisition fee, residual or anything else. Said it was sensitive info. I’ll probably pass on this deal. Thanks for the info everyone.

Sensitive info? That’s good for the “weird experiences in dealerships” thread lol

Just tell them your money is sensitive too and you’re not willing to pay for something you don’t know.

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If she follows up with you, make sure you respond telling her your decision is “sensitive info” and can’t provide it to them.

That’s pretty much a textbook redflag for the dealer that you don’t want to be dealing with. Pretty much in same breath as “Come on in we will work the best deal of the century for you, trust us!”

Funny thing is that the CLA45 AMG is pretty much the typical car on which a MB dealer would say something stupid like that and think it’s reasonable and makes sense.

If you are in DMV, I could probably get you a an Audi S3 or S4 for less than that. I would need my managers to work up numbers, but we could almost likely do better.

Yeah I’ll be interested in a S3 or S4.

I would hope you can do better than $600 a month on an S3…

Yeah, should be better. We rarely lease a S3, the S4 tends to be better. The S4, with his $10k down should be there as well for most of them.

Goodness gracious, please don’t put 10k down on a lease.


Lol, that’s a new dealership low