2018 MDX Advance SHAWD

Thoughts on this deal?

2018 MDX Advance AWD
MSRP 57645
Final price 48488
54% residual
.00035 MF
$0 down
3 years free maintenance
Monthly with tax and all fees rolled in $584 (first month due at signing)

Well, you almost squeaked under the 1% threshold even with all the taxes and fees rolled in. That said, I’m personally averse to paying interest on taxes and fees, so I don’t roll them into my leases. That would leave you under the 1% threshold, so, good job.

What I can’t tell you is how that stacks up for an MDX as it’s a market I haven’t followed. So, good deal overall; less clear if it’s a good MDX deal.

save some money and do with 2018 tech pkg, even 2019 tech comes with std parking sensors!
advance is gimmick mostly.
for 2018 model adv $500-$550/m is great deal.
negotiate the selling price and add incentives $2900.
3 yr maintaince is BS these dont need anything in 3 yrs apart from oil change!