2018 MB C300 Loaner Lease - good deal?

Hi folks.

I am leasing for the first time and first time poster. Please be patient as I don’t know what I am talking about. I have read around the forum and want to thank the community. There’s a 2018 C300 with about 6000k miles being offered to me for $400/mo. He initially quoted $424 and I pushed him down to $400 including prepaid maintenance plus lease insurance. This is a $2447 Drive Off on a 36 month, 12K miles/year - includes Multiple Security Deposits of $2,000.

I don’t know if this is a good deal or not but based on what I have read elsewhere I suspect I can probably get another $50 off. I asked for a breakdown of dealer discount, incentives, rebates, and the MF and residual before end of day but he said he’d provide it if I came in. I am scheduled to visit the dealership tmw and not sure if I am being suckered. The dealer claims he really wants this to work for me.

Any guidance or thoughts would be appreciated. Attached is the model.

Looks like about $100/mo more than what people on here are getting for 2018 c300 loaners. And drive offs seem about $1000 higher what most people are paying for c300 loaners.

OP does have a P1 + AMG line so it’s not base. I think if he lowers DAS then this ain’t a horrible deal considering maintenance/lease care included.

Thanks for your responses thus far. You are correct this is not a base C300. It includes a number of options including the Premium Package, AMG Line, and Premium Sound.

It is a well equipped car, but your quote is still a bit high for a loaner. As another person mentioned, drive off including 1st month’s payment should be around ~$1400.

I want to make sure I understand the terminology correctly. There is a $447 Drive Off and Multiple Security Deposits of $2,000 for an Out of Pocket total of $2,447.77. Does the $1400 you suggested include the MSDs?

Also a newbie.

Does the $400/mo incl tax (and what is your tax rate)? For a more heavily optioned car w/ higher mileage limit + prepaid maintenance, the deal might be decen (although I think it should be “more” decent w/ the MSD).

I think it’s weird that the dealer won’t disclose MF, RV, and incentive/rebates w/o you going in. Will they at least disclose the selling price? :stuck_out_tongue: I had only one dealer pull the same stunt, and that was b/c he had heavily marked up the MF and presumably didn’t want to disclose it to me.

I went to the dealer today and here is the final offer.

The numbers don’t precisely match up but close.

Final deal as follows:
MSRP: 48350
Discount: 10850
Sale Price: 37500
Prepaid Service: 995
Fees: 1175
MSD: 2000

MONTHLY: 420.79 including taxes (385 without)
Due on Delivery: 2443.79

Residual: 26405
MF: .00024%

Is this a good deal? Should I pull the trigger?

Do you really not qualify for any rebates and does the loaner not qualify for any lease incentives anymore (I don’t recall at what mileage MB loaners stop qualifying)? I feel like that sale price is only good if it DOESN’T include rebates, and the lack of rebates or incentives makes this an “only” decent deal overall (IMHO).

I don’t think you’re getting ripped off, though.

Whether that’s enough for you to pull the trigger or not is something only you can decide.

I asked and there are no other rebates or incentives. He did call back this morning and substituted the $2000 in MSDs with $525. Below is the calculation.

I mean essentially the effective rate is still $420 and they are reducing it to $405 by asking for a downpayment. My sense from this forum is that a down payment is a non-starter (although he is calling it a cap reduction).

But it looks like you pay less overall w/ the MSDs than in this most recent deal?

If I’m reading the new calc correctly, the $525 is a true downpayment? Most posters don’t like to do downpayments b/c you lose that $ if the car is totalled/stolen, but $500 isn’t that much $.

Again, i think the deal from yesterday was okay. If you’re in love w/ the car and need a car soon, that’s worth something, and I don’t think the deal is horrible. It doesn’t seem like a great value to me, though (but, again, I’m a newbie, too).

Thanks everyone for your input. I passed on this deal and am going to wait out. I wasn’t enamored with the features honestly. Basic features line lane departure and adaptive CC were not included and are standard on Toyota’s these days. I will post my next search on here when the time comes. Thanks again all.