2018 mb c300 awd

I have been researching for a while and now have a decent deal “I Think” if you all could help me out…

399 a month lease with 0 drive off and I am in Oklahoma, so I get taxed on the sale price at 3.25% It is a loaner vehicle with 4100 miles on it with an 18% discount…

What I saw was the ACQ and Doc fee are raised giving the dealership money but not much… I am going to fight for maintenance included in the price… If I missed something or if you know some pitfalls please let me know…

Thanks for looking…

Here are the numbers

MSRP 46,075
Sale 38,000
state file fee 126
doc fee 399
ACQ fee 1095
state tax 1268

MF .00047
Residual 53%

here is my leasehackr score from the calculator