2018 Mazda CX5 GT AWD

Hi all,

After negotiating with a few dealerships, I’ve settled in on this deal below and picking the car up Thursday, 2018 GT AWD, white with Parchment interior. Link is here, here

MSRP: $ 32,540
Lease price - $29,767 (cap cost)
Mazda Rebate ($750)
Residual - 57% (15k miles) - 36 months
Money Factor - 0.00001
Down Payment - $1500 in fees up front.
Doc Fee - $499
License / Registration - $554.94
Payment - $306.58 before tax / $332.95 incl tax

Thanks guys, I’ve learned a lot from everyone here.

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Great deal, similar to honcker price.

I think that’s a very good price. You say $1500 in fees under down payment? So what is the breakdown of what’s all DAS? Does that include the doc fee and license/registration? Anything you can roll into the monthly since there is such a low MF would be best.

Where did you get this deal do you have the sheet?