2018 Mazda CX-9 proposal eval - Ft. Lauderdale Area

Hello All,

Can someone look at this proposal, and tell me what your thoughts are:
2018 CX-9 Touring
Add-ons: roof rack and dealer “(non optional) other package”. This other package is basically their 3 year maintenance, and some other stuff that I couldn’t care for all of their cars have it

MSRP including dealer add on: 38245
MF: 0.00061
Residual: 63% - according to dealership
Doc Fee: 699
Acq Fee: 595

Quoted: 359/month plus tax
Tax: 6%
Total tax inc $381

only first month due at drive off

I do not know what kind of incentives are available right now. The only thing that I found is a $180 chase rebate. if that is the case, I figured the sales price was $34000.

I was trying to get them to come down to 32500 (15% off MSRP) which will make the monthly 315 plus tax, or 334 total.

What are your thoughts?

The dealer add ons are pure bs. How much is it? Tell them you don’t want it or you will go elsewhere.

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i think $1500. i agree with you. except all of their cars have it. I did leave. I told I was going to look at the Traverse instead.

Tell them you will go to a different dealer. That 1500 is $41 per month on a 36 month lease.
Email other dealers in the area and start talking to them.

That’s what I am doing this morning. thanks!


I got another dealer work me out a different deal at $345/month tax in. I tried to reverse that and this what I come up with:

2018 Mazda Touring w/ Roof Rails

MSRP: 36585
Sale Price: 31550 (14% off MSRP)
MF: 0.00061
Doc Fee: 799
Acq Fee: 595

36 months/10k miles
RV 63%
Monthly: 345
Drive off: 595 (1st month plus + Registration of $250)

They will give me a check to cover last payment of current Nissan Altimat lease ($250) and Nissan Disposition fee ($395)

I think this is a solid deal for this car. Thoughts? I should be picking this car up in the next 2 hours.