2018 Mazda 3 GT Sedan Lease

Can you take a look at these figures and let me know what you think - it seems high to me:

Mazda 3 GT Sedan in Soul Red Metallic in 66204
no money down, zero drive off 36/10K

MSRP = $25,370
sell price= $ 23,732
Add’l cap items $ 1,293 (acq $595, 1st pmt $295.45, Admin cost $402.55)

Gross Cap Cost = $25,024.99
Cap cost reduction= $1,838.19 (rebates & incentives)
Adj Cap Cost= $23,186.80

Residual Value = $13,446.10
Depreciation = $9,740.70
Rent Charge Total = $12.96
monthly tax at 9.05% = $882.72 (36 months)

Monthly Pmt total: $10,636.20
base monthly pmt = $270.93
monthly tax= $24.52

total monthly pmt = $295.45

Additional info provided in email:

Money factor is .00001
36 month lease with 10,000 miles a year (All lease offers are conditional to Mazda approval)
The only thing this screen shot doesn’t show is the rebate line which is $2,300.00 (It should be $2550.0 but I just took the extra $250.00 of the sale price) On this vehicle

Personally, I don’t think it makes sense to lease the 3. It makes more sense to finance a CPO because the payments will be similar over 5 years. It’s a very reliable car and has only minor changes since the generation came out