2018 Malibu LS/LT

Looking to lease a 2018 Malibu, 10k mi, 24-36 months, flexible on color. Here is the best quote I have gotten so far:
149$ pm, 1995$ drive off (excluding taxes, doc fees, acq fees ).
How much more should I estimate for the taxes and fees?
What all incentives am I eligible for?

Go to autobytel for local incentives. Nobody can answer your deal questions without seeing the structure. Ask for a lease breakdown worksheet.

You’re in CA so just go to @chevysalesgirl in SoCal or @ChevyPhil in NorCal depending on where you are in the state. No point in wasting time (and thus money)


its not “drive off” of its plus tax and fee’s. which they can tell you is as much as they want it to be to make the deal work. and advertised deals usually include all possible incentives even if you don’t qualify for them.

If you don’t know what incentives your eligible for, I suggest you contact a dealer or broker here. GM have many programs that you may or may not qualify for.

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