2018 Lexus RX350L deal - almost there

Posted this in another thread but figured i’d post here and not hijack, finally got a reply from one of my dealers, What do you think of this deal so far?

3yr/12k year

MSRP 55,418
Sale Price 48,200
Rebate 1,750
Money Factor = .00025
Residual 55%
Monthly payment = $507

Doc Fee 80
Acq Fee 795
Reg/taxes/other Fees ~880

Total DAS = 2290 (1784 + first month payment 507)

All inclusive with upfront Taxes/fees rolled in would = $557/mo

Link to Calculator

Trying to push for another $500-800 but how does it look so far?

Where are you located ?

I am located in Los Angeles