2018 Lexus RX350 in TX Lease

Wanted to see how good of a deal this was being in Texas. Sales manager said he could do something by the end of the month at $475/month for 36 months and 10k a year. MSRP of $46,244 and $0 down. Aside from that, don’t have any of the other numbers like sales price or how he is getting to $475 aside from a new grad incentive that he says is knocking off $20/month.

I’m not in love with the car so I’m on the fence but I know it’s right around 1% so it’s fair. I just thought these leased better and wanted more bang for my buck. Any ideas to get this lower? Dealer also said he can’t go any lower on the national ad, but don’t know how true that is. Any input appreciated.

I actually think that’s a pretty good deal. If I didn’t want smartphone integration (i.e. Apple CarPlay) - I might be all over that. 1% is not as easy in TX in my mind.

The RX350 was great value before, but currently isn’t leasing well at all. I don’t think a base version is worth $475/month, but the choice is ultimately up to you.