2018 Lexus RX 350 deal

I am currently working on a 2018 RX 350 F sport deal and have the following ballpark numbers. These are my numbers based on the leasehackr calculator so I may end up within 20 bucks depending on all the fees and taxes:
Term: 36/10
MSRP: 61,700
Selling price: 53,300
MF: 0.00055
RV: 57
Lexus cash: 1,750
7 MSDs 3,500
Drive off: 1,857 (795 + 400 license + 100 document fee + 1st payment)
Monthly: 460 (before tax)

My gut feeling is telling me that the discount is pretty good and that I should go for it. I fear that even if Lexus offers a bit more cash in November/December the RV may go down and there may not be as much inventory and the dealers may not have to offer these types of discounts.
Anyone care to comment? What are the odds that we get a bit more Lexus cash in September (i.e., 2500) and the RV stays the same?

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Looks like a stellar deal.

If the RX is your vehicle, I’d sign this deal in about two heartbeats. Well done!

F sport model is the best-looking. What do the trusted hackers think?

where are you located

45 month will you save you some money over 36 months. I would also recommend the 450h as it has a 2% higher RV and better gas mileage to save you some more money every month…

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I am debating between 36 and 39 months because I want my lease to end around this time of the year and try to avoid the 30K miles service and potentially replacing tires and brakes. I remember you got a pretty good deal. Did you do 45 or 39 months?

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I did 45 months, saved me about $20 a month over 36 months. I get winter tires and swap tires twice a year so tire wear is not an issue in my opinion. Also just because you are leasing for 45 months does not mean you have to keep the car for 45 months. You can probably get out of your lease early and even make some money with your trade-in as the MF is zero and you are getting a great dealer discount on a car that has a very realistic RV. Someone recently posted on the Vroom topic that they made 2 or 3 grand by selling their leased RX to Vroom, can happen to you too…

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That’s a solid deal!

If I was looking for a Lexus, and got that offer, I would be taking selfies in it already! Or whatever it is the kids do these days. :wink:

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