2018 Lexus LS500, 669 per month, 2k das, 27 months 10k miles, picking up tomorrow

Christmas gift, picking this baby up tomorrow, will post photos

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 LS500 AWD
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

MSRP: $ 85976
Selling Price: $ 75842
Monthly Payment: $ 669
Cash Due at Signing: $ 2000
MSD: Not applicable in NY
Incentives: 5,000 in Morgan Stanley, 3000 in conquest. (total rebates = 13000)

Months: 27
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00085
Residual: 58%

Region: NY


You can give me a christmas/hanukkah present any time…

Dude. Make sure to post lots of pics. New LS is amazing

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That’s a great deal on a LS

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That is great!! the 5K for MS employees only?

No I think its for clients who have over $1mm invested with MS

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Quentin you killed it on this one…

How does that MS incentive work?

from the faq: https://msreserved.com/pages/faq

Who qualifies for Reserved Living & Giving?

To qualify for Reserved at no cost, a client’s household must have and maintain $1MM in Eligible Assets and Liabilities or have paid at least $10,000 in annual managed fees/commissions (Compensable Revenue). Annual managed fees/commissions paid is generally defined as revenue generated in fee-based accounts and commissions generated in non-fee-based accounts, and is calculated on a rolling 12-month basis. Not all revenue is included. Morgan Stanley reserves the right to exclude certain items of revenue at its sole discretion.

Also 27 months seems to be the sweet spot for most lexus models

Will post a bunch of photos tomorrow when I get it, awful day in NY didn’t want to pick it up today

Thank you sir!

household is grandparents-grandchildren. if you have a direct family with MS accounts and the total is $1mil or more, you can get reserved by opening an account with $1.

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This is the photo I got from the salesman… should hold everyone over.


Congrats! That’s a hell of a lot of car for the money. Easily one of the best deals this year IMHO


Congratulations!! Please tell me you waited until the last minute to drop the “oh yeah, plus another $5000 coupon, BAM!”


Unfortunately, I bought my GX here so they already knew :joy::joy:

Congrats man and yeah been raining here last two days.

Do they have f sports left for a similar deal?

This was their last '18