2018 land rover discovery sport loaner

Please call or text for faster response (818)984-7080

These are the final loaner cars left in all of southern Cali.

*Parking sensors
*Back up camera

I have both black on black and white black

*39 Month Lease Term
*10K Miles Per Year
*$2,000 Total Due At Signing includes first month’s payment

$395 Month Including tax & fees based on LA county 9.5% tax rate


Wow! my dream car. I would grab that in a heartbeat if it was in CT and someone takes my QX50 as trade in.

Take one of these and sell your QX50

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Thank you @Ursus . I was trying to get the one nyclife posted for $307 but didn’t get a response on trade in.
My QX50 is a lease. I wanted to sell to either carvana or vroom but the offer was much lower than buyout.

Picking up mine on saturday (HSE Luxury) $399 month 2300 total due at signing. (New York) :grin::grin: … Talk with @Bostoncarconcierge, he is my Mentor and future broker for LR and Jaguar.


None of the brokers can really “help” with trade per se.

All dealerships take trade, but a broker would rather would a straight lease with no trade. If the dealership isn’t willing to give you what you want/need for your trade, its a killed deal and a lot of effort, ya know?

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You did a great job, Andres!

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Sorry @Executive.Armin - Didnt mean to hijack your thread. She just happens to be from Connecticut. My apologies, buddy.

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Pure robbery brother lol
Don’t even sweat it!
But, we actually purchase customers cars if they want to get rid of it quickly.

Oh wow. Good info!