2018 Land Rover Discovery HSE (gas) lease deal insights

Hey all,

I’m not too familiar with leasing so I might’ve botched this.
I’m currently looking at a 2018 Land Rover Discover HSE (gas), in NJ.

MSRP: $66,800
Probably should have negotiated a sale price first, but went straight to the monthly payments (my mistake I now realize) so I don’t know how much of a discount I am getting off the MSRP. They’re not offering any rebates or anything up front.
MF: 0.00245
Residual: 65%
36months/ 10k miles per year

I’ve managed to get it down to $750 a month, with about $5500 total up front ($1000 down, taxes and fees are $4500).

But I noticed like a vin etching fee of about $400 and some other windshield protection coating fee around $600, which seem unnecessary, so maybe I could get those waived?

From the lease calculator, it appears I might be getting somewhere around a 7% sale off MSRP.

Appreciate any insights.

Best advice is that you should at least get nadaguide’s recommended sales price. Then start from there.