2018 Land Rover Discovery Diesel with Lux package - Good Deal?



Hi All! Looking to see if this is a good deal or not. 2018 Land Rover Discovery lux diesel - 6k down, 800 + tax a month. I’m not seeing any better deals out there so not sure if I should wait or jump on this.



This is a terrible deal. I’d keep looking as this dealer is playing games

  • Don’t put money down, especially not $6000
  • for 12k/yr, 39 months seems to be best for RV and MF (54% and 0.00010)
  • I don’t know what money factor they’re giving you, but its marked up through the roof


Thank you! I have seen better deals on this website so wasn’t sure what was happening as this is a dealer I worked with before.


Whatever you don’t lease a Rover out of warranty, i see the term is 42 months on this one. You need to fill in the details on your trade, they could be discounting the car less to show more for your trade.


I just found out the dealer was actually trying to pull a fast one. The trade was decent and the same trade value I received at multiple dealers (not just Land Rover). What the dealer didn’t tell me was this vehicle was not the color I want (its blue, I asked for Black/White) and that it had 10k miles on it. Ridiculous. I told him I am passing on this “deal”.


I bet you could be color blind for a price, no offense if you’re actually color blind. Yeah a car with 10k miles wouldn’t lease well anyway