2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland - should I be running to get this?

New to the forum and hoping this is the right place to post…

I’ve been negotiating this deal in Denver, and just looking for some reassurance that I’ve got a good deal…

New 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4x4 fully loaded:
MSRP 56,330
Sale price: 45,700
36 months
12k miles
548 a month including tax
0 down

Looks like a great deal. Below 1% with zero down at 12k per year

What incentives are included in that sales price? How much % was the dealer discount? What was the MF offered?

What was the dealer discount before applying incentives?

Vehicle Price: $56,330.00
Savings: - $5,880.00
Customer Rebate: - $4,750.00
Price: $45,700.00

Sales Tax (estimate):	+	$1,544.23	 
Documentation Fee:	+	$599.00	 
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate):	+	$27.20	 
Balance Due (estimate):		$47,870.43

Honestly, looks like a good deal to me. That’s a nice dealer discount. Just be 100% sure you’re getting all the incentives you qualify for. I just got a GC last week and when I was shopping around, I got varying amounts of incentives.

Edmunds Jeep forums is the perfect resource to determine the incentives for your zip code.

But ya, looks like a good deal to me!

How did you determine it was a great deal without knowing SP and incentives?

It beat the 1% rule, silly! :joy: