2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x2 lease

Hi All,

I am new here and was trying to find some advice for Houston or TX JGC leases.

I received the following offer for a 2018 JGC Limited, with the Luxury Group II package and wanted to see your thoughts on 36 month/15k mile.

MSRP: $44,135
Sale Price: $38,724
Additional rebates: ($7,500) including prior Conquer lease and affiliate discount.
Residual: 50%
MF: .0014
$0 money down

$400 a month (inclusive of all taxes and fees); total payment at the end of 36 months would be $14,400.

Sorry again, I did not see any other options here in TX for 15 months so I wanted to run this by you all.


If this is with $0 due at signing, then it’s pretty good considering this is for 15k/yr and in TX.

Looks very good considering your MF is high. If you have good credit, you have to ask about that MF. If its not strong, it’s a good deal


Have great credit (820+), but I feel like it’s a pretty solid deal for an MSRP of $44k+… The other dealers around town aren’t quoting me any lower than $573 with $0 down with 12k miles and not 15k…

Hi, would you mind to PM me which dealer it is?