2018 Jeep GC Altitude

Currently looking for an 18 GC Altitude with MSRP 42,425. Working with a broker but having a problem with the availability of the mode and color I want.

I have a 14 Mazda 6 Grand Touring for which I owe 15k. Dealers offered 11,500-12k as a trade in, so I’d be rolling in 3k of negative equity into this lease.

Looking to know what a good deal would be for a 10/39 lease? Aiming for 450/mo with 1000 down, broker fee paid separately. In MA if that helps.

I’ve been quoted 524/mo for a 10/48 and 499/mo for a 10/39 with an 11,500 trade.


Look into selling your Mazda on consignment, and take the trade in off the table and see where the numbers fall. I had a vehicle that the dealer wouldn’t budge on a 21k trade in offer, found a consignment dealer/broker truck was sold in a week for 25.9k, paid the consignment fee of 800 + 75 for advertising. Worth a consideration.

Billet Silver with sunroof and upgraded sound