2018 Jeep Compass Limited Deal

Hi! I live in NY (Westchester county), and just left a Jeep dealership. They claim it’s the last 2018 compass around. Limited zero out of pocket 10k miles, $317 a month. Good deal?

Also, I am over miles (8k gulp), on my Jetta lease which is up, any tips how to negotiate that?

Thank you in advance!!

Not a good deal…go Cherokee limited

8K over on your Jetta. I would consider trading it in and seeing what the negative equity is if any, and comparing that against turning it in and what the miles cost.

It says MA residents only?

Yep but that’s just meant to be an example of what they’re going for in MA. Use that to shop your local dealer.

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What’s the main difference with the Limited and the Compass? I do love the Compass design better. And, it’s the 4x4 automatic, not sure if that matters. Really don’t want to stay with VW at this point, not a fan of the new Tiguan, otherwise I would stay with them. After that last storm we had in NY, I can’t do another Jetta it was a nightmare.

That is a good deal though… thank you for that!

I’m looking at Jeeps myself. Best bet is to go on Jeep.com or the dealer’s website and mess around with building them. Latitude/Limited/Trailhawks are trims. So you could get a Cherokee Limited or a Compass Limited. So what you’re asking is the difference between the Cherokee and the Compass, I think.


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Which Jeep are you looking at??

Also need more details to understand if it is a good deal? Like what is msrp on the car, what is the selling price etc?

Apologies that does make sense, I am a rookie here :wink:

I attached the sticker info.

Thank you so much!!

Now that you have the MSRP, go here and find out what the residual value, money factor and incentives are:

It appears there aren’t any incentives for 2018 Compass but double check. This will help your calculations.

Thank you!

Yes and make they provide you with a breakdown of how they got to their pricing. Any good dealer should be transparent. Want to see the actual selling price so you \understand what are truly paying for the car. Their is a great article on this site explaining the basics of leasing.

Thank you so much JohnH!