2018 Infiniti QX60 Premium Plus AWD - 39/10K - $396 + MSD - Closer to NYC suburbs only

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Infiniti QX60, Premium with Premium plus

MSRP: $51,310
Selling Price: $43,880
Adj Cap Cost : $44580 after adding $700 bank fees.

Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10,000

MF: 0.00065
Residual: 57

Total Due At Signing: $396+ DMV + Taxes

Monthly Payment : $396

Security Deposit (MSD) Accepted?: Yes - $2700 in refundable MSD to bring MF lower.

Leasehackr Score: 10.6

This deal cannot be done if you are registering your vehicle in NY as you can’t do MSDs.

The deal requires an extra 1K rebate which is only for areas around NYC but ironically NY don’t let us do MSD so only for North/central NJ and CT.



Awesome deal again. They just keep coming…

Not for pa or most parts of NJ

It is for any state that can do MSDs. I am sure NY can’t but there might be others where MSDs can’t be done.

It isn’t. There is a 1k nyc region rebate included in that price. I guarantee you if you have a PA customer it will be another 1k.

I was under the impression that with some makes you could lease out of state if you are a NY resident. In other words, lease from a NJ Toyota dealer and pay the MSDs, even though you live in NY. Is that not true with all or just Infiniti?

At least with Infiniti you can’t do MSDs in NY. My dealer is not in NY yet he won’t do MSDs for NY residents.

I see. Thanks for the info.

That’s not what I was saying, There is a 1k regional rebate included in your price. Not for PA or central/south NJ.

I was responding to boddicker52 about the MSD question.

I have not heard back about the 1K regional rebate which is not for PA or Cerntral/south NJ.

You know better than I do but I will check with dealer and update the post.


You are correct as always. The rebate is regional and not for the whole state.

Its zip code specific so will need exact zip to find out who qualifies.

Do they just have one model that this deal applies to, or is it basically the same for any with the Premium Plus package? Do you know if there would be a similar discount on models with the higher packages?

This is not a one off. It is for any car in stock. Discounts will be similar or a little more for higher priced vehicles.

Also if you qualify for VPP it will make it even more sweeter.

Interesting… does this end Thursday when the new programs are released?

I have interest in this. How do I find out more? Zip Code is 14226

I am sorry but your zip don’t qualify for the extra 1K incentive which is required for doing this deal.