2018 infiniti qx60 lease 460/month 36k, 36 months

Received a lease price of 460/month for infiniti qx60 36,000 miles. 36 months. Sign and drive.
Is this a good deal?

??? What is the msrp,sales price, MF and tax rate

RV is the same for 36 or 39 months. All things being equal, moving to 39 months will drop payment 35/mth. As @Yinzer said we need the rest of the details. If you live in a state which allows msds, using 8 of those will drop your monthly ~$60.

Does that include taxes? Any money down? What is the MSRP? Include all the details please.

It includes everything. Taxes, fees, etc.
In New york city, leasing agents do not give msrp.

Huh? You can find the MSRP of any car on a dealer’s website. Or just ask them, they’ll give it you.

Do a deal in jersey to use MSD

Sounds like you haven’t done your homework. There is a plethora of recent QX60 deals, including ones by brokers in your area. All the info is here. We can’t even tell if you’re doing base, premium plus or what.

Msrp 46,500. Premium package. They dont do msd in nyc.

That’s why I suggested NJ. Not a good deal anyways can get that on 51k car.